Cricketer Under Fire From Katie Price After Releasing This Video Of Him Mocking Harvey

Katie Harvey Ben

Not cool.

Katie Price has spoken out about cricketer Ben Stokes after a Snapchat video emerged of him mocking her disabled son Harvey.

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In the footage, Stokes can be seen imitating the famous Loose Women appearance where Harvey used the c-word when asked how to respond to bullies.

Since then Katie published the story on Twitter and urged people to “shame him”:

She has since been bombarded with support from fans with many people calling his behaviour “disgusting”. Which I think is a fair enough description for someone who publicly mocked a disabled person.

I’m sure that Katie Price is absolutely outraged by the video, especially considering that the segment that Stokes was imitating came from a TV appearance where they were speaking out against trolls and online bullies. It looks like Stokes has got some apologising to do.


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