Is This The Creepiest Short Film On The Internet?

the smiling man

This video might just be the creepiest thing on the internet. If you’re alone, turn the lights on and lock the doors. Oh, and grab some Nytol.

As I’m typing this, I’m in the flat all alone so – of course – I stupidly decide to look up weird/creepy videos and stories on the net because it’s not unnerving enough that there’s tapping noises coming from the attic and I’ve never been up there so for all I know there could be something really scary, like Rihanna’s forehead, living in there; waiting until I sleep so that it can enter my body through my ears and turn me into a Rihanna fangirl by the time the sun rises again. I probably won’t sleep tonight now, at the thought of that. I could just barricade the attic shut, though. Let’s see her forehead get to me then.

☛ Rihanna Getting Nasty: Rihanna Hits Fan In The Face With A Microphone

So, yeah, I’ve been looking for – and watching and reading – weird things on the internet. Y’know the stuff. Standard creepy shit about the paranormal, serial killers, guys watching you sleep through your window, Lisa Riley’s eating habits, Jeremy Beadle’s hand, lucid dreaming. Stuff that keeps you from sleeping and things you just can’t get outta your head, things that you shouldn’t be ‘researching’ when you’re alone. Which is why I’m a stupid bastard and a pussy.

☛ On Another Note: Lindsay Lohan Punched A Psychic

To be fair, most of what I’ve come across hasn’t really been that much of a mind-fuck and is pretty childish and was written by/filmed by fat, sweaty guys who still live with their mother when they’re approaching their 40th birthday and collect Warhammer so that they’re down wid da boiz in da hood. Most of the stuff, as well, is churned-out and generic; stories we’ve heard of before, but just with an extra character or a different opening. The ending always stays the same.

☛ Another Fat Guy: Naked Fat Guy Steals Socks From Walmart

But then I came across this beauty. We all know Reddit is a never-ending source of procrastination material, much like Sick Chirpse, but it’s the first time I’ve come across a section of the site called ‘No Sleep‘, which is jammed with creepy stories that have been submitted by users. It’s like a fan-fiction site, but it’s not, if you get me. The stories there are designed to deflate your erection and make you turn the lights on. This particular story, titled: ‘The Smiling Man‘, is one of the weirdest stories I’ve read and to imagine it happening in real-life, or in a film, is enough to turn you even more paranoid. But that’s exactly what’s happened, a short film has been made. Check it out and let us know if there’s any more really creepy short films hanging around on the net.


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