Creepy Polish Priest Makes Young Children Lick Whipped Cream Off His Knees In Bizarre School Initiation

Father Kozyra 1

There’s not really much else to say with a headline like that.

This is really weird. Even as fetishes go, it’s completely weird and doesn’t even really make much sense, even in a whipped cream/paedophile kinda way. If that’s even a category of bizarreness. So yeah basically there’s this really old creepy priest over in Poland called Father Kozyra who is also the principal of the Salesians High School in Lubin (south Poland) who makes 13 year old children – both male and female – lick whipped cream off his brittle, old and hairy knees as part of an initiation ceremony when they join the school. It’s been going on for years.

That’s pretty weird on its own right, but it gets even weirder, albeit only slightly. Apparently he sits in a battered old armchair at the top of some stairs to perform this ritual and the children have to crawl up the stairs on their hands and knees until they get to the promised land and those blobs of whipped cream on his knees. Some of the girls looked like they have their faces painted as well, which only makes the whole thing even more bizarre.

It gets even crazier though – the pictures that I’ve posted below were actually featured on the school’s website in the public domain. This kind of implies that the school think that this is a normal and completely legitimate activity to get involved in.  It also implies that parents who sent their children to the school were fully aware of everything that was going on and were actually happy for their children to participate in this activity. Maybe some Polish people even sent their children to this school because of that? Who knows? Poland huh?

Perhaps even crazier, since these pictures have gone public and ‘the authorities’ have pledged to investigate Father Kozyra, many of the parents of children who attend the school have come out in support of him, saying that this stuff happened but it was all in the name of ‘fun and games.’ I dunno about your definition of fun is but it isn’t crawling up some stairs and licking cream off some paedophile’s knees, but maybe they have different definitions of stuff over in Poland.

Some of the parents have also said that there was nothing to worry about because the whipped cream was actually shaving foam and nobody was forced to eat it. Great, that’s way less weird. What were they supposed to do with it then? Just look at it? Why was it even there if it was just shaving foam? That makes absolutely no sense. I mean the whole thing makes no sense and can only really be explained as some weirdo old paedophiles’ wet dream, but the shaving foam defence is frankly nonsensical.

Anyway, it looks as if Father Kzyros is gonna be forced to stop this practice – which is great for everyone involved – but in the meantime here’s a bunch of creepy photographs from the school’s website of it going down. The pictures have since been removed BTW:

father kozyra 8

Father Kozyra 6

Father Kozrya 5

father kozrya 4

Father Kozrya 2

Father Kozyra 3

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