You Can Now Create The Grand Monster Mac If You’re Not Satisfied With The Grand Mac

Grand Mac

Even bigger than the Grand Mac.

The Grand Mac was introduced to English McDonald’s for the first time yesterday and everyone seemed to be pretty excited about the bigger version of the Big Mac – until they actually tried it.

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Many people complained that although it was bigger, it only seemed this way because it was wider and some even accused McDonald’s of just getting a regular Big Mac and squashing it down so it seemed bigger even though it wasn’t actually. I suppose you wouldn’t put it past those guys.

Anyway, in order to combat this those who weren’t satisfied have already come up with a solution: The Grand Monster Mac. Unfortunately you can’t actually order this yourself and have to make it yourself, but it looks like it’s worth it. I mean take a look:

Grand Monster Mac

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If you can’t figure out how to do this yourself then you’re clearly kind of stupid, but I’m sure there are some people out there who are going to struggle so here’s a quick pointer class in how to do it:

  • Buy four Grand Macs
  • Take one of the Grand Macs apart, leaving one patty on one bun.
  • Take the rest of the Grand Macs apart
  • Whack three of the patties on the one you already have set up and top it with a bun
  • Whack the next four patties on top of that and then stick another bun on top of that
  • Give the remaining buns to someone who will find them useful
  • Eat it

Yep, that’s definitely what the Grand Mac should have been rather than the pathetic offering that they’re currently pedalling out. Honestly – try and do better next time McDonald’s.

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