Someone’s Created A 100 Pound Big Mac As A Tribute To The Late Creator


Weighing in at 192,036 calories.

The world was saddened a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that the creator of the Big Mac had sadly passed away, so what better way to pay tribute to the guy than to make the Big Mac even bigger – 100lb to be exact. I’m not sure how much a regular Big Mac weighs but that sounds pretty huge to me.

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The guys over at Epic Meal Time are no strangers to making completely over the top dishes and unsurprisingly this was no exception. The video begins with the gang making the special sauce and slathering it all over the three buns, before adding a whole bunch of lettuce and a slice of cheese that’s about as big as my old bedroom. Then the main event was finished with a couple of patties made from 40lbs of ground beef.

The whole thing clocks in at 192,036 calories, which is about 100 times your daily recommended intake. Might have to head down to the gym after scoffing that:

Oof. To be honest I thought it would be kinda bigger, but it’s still hella impressive.

For more of the same, check out the new Big Mac McDonald’s are releasing – the Giga Mac. Why not?


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