Crazy Thai Idiot Thinks It Would Be A Good Idea To Put Fire Ant Nest On His Dick; Gets Absolutely Owned

Fire Ants Crazy Thai Guy Pants

He squeals like a little baby as his friends hose him down.

With Steveo making a comeback earlier today, it seems like he might have some competition with this crazy That idiot from a city called Rayong, who’s obviously been inspired by old episodes of Jackass.

He has the smart idea to find a fire ant nest on a branch and then strip naked and get his friends to rub it all over a dick. In case you don’t know, fire ants are absolute bastards and bite you super hard if you get anywhere near them and leave unbelievably sharp pain that lasts for ages after they’ve bitten you.

You can check out some more of the damage they can do to you here, but the squeals of this idiot after they’ve gone on his dick will probably give you some idea as to the pain that they can cause you if you’re a complete moron and encourage something like this to happen to you. Props for the terrible metal music they cut the video with too.

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