Crazy Russian Photographers Climb Up Christ The Redeemer In Brazil To Take Awesome Photos

Russians Climb Christ The Redeemer

Balls of steel.

You probably remember ages ago when two Russian photographers climbed up the pyramids in ancient Egypt and got some of the most incredible photos in history because it really was special, even if it was also highly illegal.

I’m not sure if the two Russian photographers in this video are the same people as they’ve hidden their faces, but chances are they might be. They’re known as On The Roofs and seemingly break into a bunch of places to take cool photographs.

In the video below they break into one of the seven wonders of the world, Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, which is just completely and utterly insane. Not only is it highly guarded and also up a mountain which is really hard to get up without getting a couple of rides from the locals, it’s also highly religious and deeply offensive for them to go up it.

Still, they don’t seem to care as they had a rad time doing it and got some sweet photographs. They probably won’t be allowed into Brazil any time soon again though after the release of this video.

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Absolute balls of steel, but you know it’s go to be a good feeling when you know that you’ve done something that very few people in the world have ever experienced. Fair play.

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