Footballer Given Red Card After Touching Another Player’s Bum

Goalkeeper Touches Player's Buttocks

Is this the weirdest red card ever?

We’ve seen a bunch of ridiculous red cards on Sick Chirpse before – check out the top 5 most ridiculous red cards of all time here if you don’t believe us – but this could be the stupidest one of all time. It doesn’t even really make any sense at all, which is probably why we’re so perplexed by it.

It happened over in Honduras where Marathon were playing Real Sociedad over the weekend when the Marathon goalkeeper Junior Morales – who had already been booked – gathered up a loose ball in the area. As he punted the ball upfield, who lightly touched the bum of the opposing forward player, which probably would go unnoticed by most referees over the world, even if it is a bit weird.

Not this ref called Manuel Zeleya though. He immediately bolted over to his linesman to discuss the offence and ended up booking Morales again, sending him off and even awarding a penalty to Real Sociedad which just seems completely and utterly insane to me. Classic referee though – always wants all the attention to be about him.

The Real Sociedad forward Henry Martinez did end up missing the spot kick and the game ended 1-1 so some justice was done, but it still seems completely off the chart that this happened. Let’s hope that Marathon fans ar a bit more forgiving than Brazilian lower league fans, otherwise Manuel Zeleya might end up decapitated like this poor referee.


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