This Woman Got A Botched Boob Job That Left Her Boobs Looking Like ‘Crab Claws’


A young lady desperate to increase her boob size is now paying the price after it left her tits looking like ‘crab claws’ (her words).

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At 32 with an A cup, Emily was keen to size up a little bit but was left devastated after the surgery went horribly wrong.



Emily explains:

I went into surgery, I came out, I had these huge breasts that were hard and high and wide-set.

I had excessive scar tissue formation around both of my breasts. So at that point I had to have it removed. I started to run a really high fever, my breasts got very red, they were infected and my only option at that point was to have my implants removed right then and there.

Two weeks after having her implants removed, Emily noticed her breasts were “getting harder and harder” and “rippling underneath.”

They sort of have drawn in and that has caused my nipples to point downwards and now I keep my shirt on at all times, even during like intimate moments.

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Heartfelt sympathies indeed. Can’t be great when you wait until 32 before deciding to go ahead with something like this, only to come out of surgery with a couple of crab claws on your chest. Can’t even imagine Emily’s horror the moment she moment those bandages came off. At least give her something that resemble real boobs. Crab claws? WTF?

Amazingly, it could have been worse (also NSFL).


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