VIDEO: Cows Literally Jump For Joy When Released From Dairy Farm Into Open Field

I’ve never seen a cow do anything except sit around a field eating grass and being lazy, and that’s what makes this video so spectacular.

When you think of cows, you normally think of lazy fuckers moping around a field eating grass and slowly watching the world go by. That’s what makes this video so amazing because I have never, ever in my life seen cows act like this as they run and jump and bound around a field like they’ve never been happier after being released from a dairy farm where they’ve been spending the winter.

The video itself is a promotional video for a foundation that looks to save cows and allow them to grow old in fields once they have outlived their usefulness (bearing calves and giving milk) instead of being sent to the slaughterhouse. As you can see, cows are pretty happy guys sometimes so maybe it is worth saving them after all.

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