A Cow Broke Into A Colombian Hospital And Started Attacking Patients In The Waiting Room

Today in Colombia.

I’ve heard of a bull in a china shop, but it turns out a cow in a hospital waiting room is just as destructive, as the unsuspecting patients at the Hospital San Rafael in Colombia found out this week.

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The escaped cow damaged two motorbikes outside the hospital before finding its way inside and attacking everybody in sight:

Blimey. Turns out cows don’t reverse very well. Big up those people who grabbed the cow’s leash and made some kind of an attempt to get it out of there. Good to have a few heroes in the mix when most people would have legged it al the way across South America if they were to see that happen live (including me).

According to Metro, nobody was seriously injured and the trampled women was treated only for minor contusions and pain. The cow’s owner also went to the hospital to apologise and ask about the woman’s health. All’s well that ends well eh?

To meet the runaway cow that’s been on the run for 3 months now in Florida, click HERE. She’s faster than she looks.


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