These Couples Tried To Have Sex Every Day For 30 Days And It Sounds Awful

30 day sex challenge woman

Too much of a good thing.

These couples were challenged to have sex every day for 30 days as part of a social experiment to find out the ‘benefits’ (or pitfalls) of having sex so frequently — doesn’t sound too hard right?

Well, aside from the fact that most of the couples had been together for a significant amount of time, there were also rules set in place to ensure that they didn’t just slip it in and out on the nights that they really couldn’t be bothered. Some couples had to ensure that at least one (or both) parties had to climax, for another hand jobs didn’t count and they also had to make sure that there was full-on penetration. And there was absolutely NO option for a one-day tap out.

At first it all seems alright, but as things progress each couple seems to get more and more fed up. By day eight, a couple of them even failed and many of them didn’t cum as often because they were having sex far too much. Check out their struggle for yourself:

Aside from the glasses couple, who actually managed to benefit from the whole experiment, it just seems like too much of a good thing (even something as good as sex) can turn into a chore if you do it too often.

Despite the fact most of these guys found this a pretty difficult task, can’t have been anywhere near as difficult as this guy who planned to have sex with a different person everyday for a year. His poor penis.


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