Couple Investigated Over 3-Minute Porn Clip Of Them Shagging 1,000 Feet Up The Shard

Up the Shard.

I’d imagine quite a few couples have managed to have sex in the toilets at The Shard, while enjoying its spectacular views of the London skyline. I mean nothing screams romantic sex like being 1,000 feet up in the air in the UK’s tallest building, right?

Well one couple recently filmed themselves going at it and shared the 3-minute clip onto Pornhub, titled ‘Be Quiet or I’ll Get Caught Sucking Your D*ck in The Shard, London’. It’s already racked up 250,000+ views. Head on over and check it out before it’s taken down, or have a look at a couple stills below:

Two beautiful moments right there.

With the clip doing the rounds on porn sites, an outraged local has urged The Shard to investigate and ban the couple from returning (via Daily Star):

‘It is disgusting, I can’t believe they did that in such a public place.

I’m surprised they weren’t caught. The Shard should investigate the video and ban the couple from coming back.’

When asked whether they would be taking any action regarding the video, a spokesperson for The Shard said:

‘We will not be providing a comment on this occasion.’

Now I’m no lawyer, but it appears that legally, the couple are in the clear. Dogging – engaging in sexual acts in a public – isn’t technically illegal in of itself, but can lead to prosecution if someone sees. Which in this case, you’d need binoculars or a telescope to get a good look at what was going on:

So long as they didn’t leave a bundle of STDs splashed all over the Shard toilets, I don’t think this couple have anything to worry about. No harm, no foul. Let your freak flags fly!

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