Couple Outraged To Find An Aldi Label On Their Waitrose Food

The height of depravity.

I don’t really know how I would feel if I bought some branded vegetables from a high class store and then found the brand of a budget store on the packaging, but I think I would probably just laugh about it and see the funny side? Maybe pursue a refund?

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I really doubt that I would be that pissed off about that I would go to the MailOnline anonymously to convey my dismay with the order. Here’s what the guy who bought them had to say about it – the kicker is that he bought them online from Ocado and it seems clear someone assembled the packaging wrong:

I was really disappointed. I use Waitrose and Ocado for good reasons – reputation and home delivery.

And I pay for the privilege.

No disrespect to Aldi or their customers but if I wanted their products I’d go to one of their stores.

I mean it sounds like you would order them online pal? And it does sound like you’re being kinda disrespectful, especially when the Waitrose version of the vegetables are £2 and the Aldi version are £1.29 – that’s not even that much difference and I doubt there’s even that much difference in the quality of the vegetables considering the fact that Aldi is often winning awards for the quality of its products. Guy just sounds like a major snob, especially going to the bloody newspaper for something as trivial as this and making a frickin’ video for it! What the hell is all that about?

Thankfully, he received a really snooty reply from Ocado that didn’t even give them any vouchers or a refund or anything:

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear that the Waitrose Mediterranean Roast Vegetables received were packed for Aldi.

I have now reported this to the relevant team in order to investigate things further with our supplier.

I do apologise for the inconvenience caused and once we have an update we will get back in touch.

Please let us know if you have further questions in the meantime and we will be more than happy to help.

Lol. Unlucky pal. Hopefully nothing this traumatic ever happens to you again and you’ll be able to recover from buying vegetables from a budget supermarket in the next ten years. Thoughts and prayers.

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