A Couple Broke Coronavirus Lockdown To Have Sex In A Barcelona Metro Station (VIDEO)

Come on guys.

It’s fair to say that we’re all getting a bit tired of being stuck indoors at the moment, but it’s important to note that breaking the rules to go outside and shag your girlfriend in the local Metro Station isn’t going to do anyone any good – except for yourselves of course.

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Unless of course you end up getting caught by security and recorded and the video ends up getting splashed all over the internet – then it might bring a bit of joy to people laughing at your misfortune, whilst also reinforcing the message that it’s important to stay inside. The footage was taken at Barcelona’s Plaza Espanya Metro Station, where you can clearly see a woman straddling a man inside a photo booth.

It’s pretty obvious they’re shagging, but when the guard calls them out he sheepishly blurts out that he’s taking a photograph. Yeah right buddy – sadly this video is only available on The Sun so click there if you want to see it.

Lol. Who were they trying to fool?

To be honest I’m kinda surprised that the cops didn’t drag them out and hand them a beatdown because with people flouting the rules like that and not really seeing any repercussions and it getting posted on social media like that, you kinda get the feeling that it’s only going to encourage people to do the same. Good work guys.

But seriously, stay inside. Check out these people who literally can’t taste anything – you don’t want to end up like them.


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