A Couple With A 53 Year Age Gap Have Launched A ‘Fully Explicit’ OnlyFans

The perfect Christmas gift.

If there was something that 2020 was crying out for to really signal the end times, then it’s a fully explicit  OnlyFans account from a couple that have a 53 year age gap. Surely nobody wants to see that kind of stuff, do they?

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Nevertheless, this is the kind of titillating content that 23 year old Gary Hardwick and his 76 year old wife Almeda will be offering on their new account for the low price of just £4.94 a month. Is it worth subscribing just for the lolz or to see what it’s all about? I suppose you could use that excuse if your friends ever found out that you were checking this stuff out. Not sure if anyone would believe you though.


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Anyway, we’ve written about this couple before after 18 year old Gary met Almeda at the funeral of her son Robert from a brain seizure back in 2015. The Tennessee couple have been together ever since and have regularly posted photos of them kissing and cuddling together on social media, despite the judgment that they’ve obviously received for the quite frankly ridiculous age gap in their relationship.

I suppose if they’re happy together – they’ve been married for five years after tying the knot just two weeks after meeting each other and having sex for the first time on their wedding night – and can make a little extra cash for themselves through their OnlyFans account, then who are we to judge them? Sure there are some people out there that will absolutely love seeing that content. Not me though, honest.

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