Coronavirus Toilet Licker Did It Because The Virus Was Getting More Attention Than Her



One of the biggest things about this whole Coronavirus pandemic that I can’t get my head around is the people out there that don’t seem to think it’s that serious and are still pissing around doing whatever they want – how can they not see all the information on the internet and realist that this is a terrible idea?

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No doubt the biggest wankers out there are those people who are taking part in the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ by going around licking toilet seats and uploading videos of it up to the internet. The moron who started this was apparently 21 year old TikTok influencer Ava James, who doubled up on being a dickhead by doing it on a plane down to party at Spring Break.

James appeared on Dr Phil yesterday and only succeeded in making herself like look even more of a selfish knob. Here’s the interview:

Yeah, I’m hearing you talk, and you’re like, ‘oh you’re gonna kill somebody’, like you know what, I’ll pull up and I’ll cough on you.

Like I’m just tired of it. This is ridiculous.

The plane was blown way out of proportion.

First, I have had way dirtier things in my mouth.

Two, I bleached [the toilet.]

“Three, private plane. I flew down on my sugar daddy’s plane with my best friend.

So really, it wasn’t that dirty.

The Coronavirus Challenge isn’t even real, I only did it because I was really annoyed that corona was getting way more publicity than me.

I mean I guess that is a valid reason for encouraging other people to go around and lick toilet seats during the worst pandemic of the past 100 years isn’t it? No way that people are going to end up dying because of that are there?

Girl is just basically the worst and I can’t really believe people like her exist, talking absolute bullshit all the time. I hate her. For once I’m gonna have to agree with Dr Phil – really says it all.

For more of the same, here’s another toilet licker who ended up getting Coronavirus because he licked the toilet. Good.



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