‘Significant’ Coronavirus Outbreak Likely In UK ‘Within Days’, Says Boris Johnson

That’s not good.

Coronavirus is now confirmed in all but one country in western Europe, with the number of UK cases jumping to 40 today after 4 more were reported.

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Here’s how it’s looking all around us (before updates earlier today):

Thus far the only thing Boris Johnson had to say about the coronavirus was to advise everyone to ‘wash your hands’ (cheers for the tip), but today he’s conceded that the spread of the coronavirus is set to get worse throughout the UK:

You just knew he was going to remind everyone to wash their hands again. What’s the ‘2x happy birthday’ thing about though? Are you meant to wash your hands for the durations of 2 whole happy birthday songs? Because if so I’ve definitely been doing it wrong.

Either way, we haven’t really been seeing much of Boris since he became PM, although he did recently celebrate the news that fiancee Carrie Symonds is pregnant. But now that there’s at least 40 commoners out there with coronavirus in the UK, what are the chances we’re going to see him again before the coronavirus is eradicated? I mean cheers for the assuring words and all but I’m not sure the already struggling NHS is as well equipped to deal with a full-on outbreak as the PM is letting on.

For the CDC chart that shows you which beards will make you most likely to catch the coronavirus, click HERE. Looks like Boris is in the clear.


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