Chinese Barbers Have Mastered Long-Distance Haircuts To Avoid The Coronavirus

Go in for a haircut, come out with a dodgy fade and half an ear missing. 

Much like the elbow bump, people around the world are finding new and clever ways to go about everyday life without coming into contact with each other and risking coronavirus infection.

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Barbers and hairdressers are especially at risk, what with all the people they come into contact with every day, but as per the NY Post it looks like a solution exist – the long-distance haircut:

Hairdressers in China are styling clients with tools attached to the end of long sticks to protect themselves amid the coronavirus outbreak.

He Bing, a 30-year-old hairstylist, captured footage of two coworkers providing so-called “long-distance haircuts” at the salon Sunday in the southern city of Luzhou in the Sichuan province.

In the clip, hairdressers wearing protective masks can be seen using three-foot-long poles attached to brushes, shavers and hairdryers.

The owner of the salon said they came up with the idea to help their customers feel more safe.

Check it out:

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Genius. Pure genius. I mean most people out there already look like they have their hair cut with clippers on a stick from several feet away and the rest are too polite to complain to their barber so I don’t think they’ll have too many problems as far as the inevitably sub-par quality of these haircuts go. There’s just no way you can give a quality haircut like this, right? Go in for a haircut, come out with a dodgy fade and half an ear missing.

I wonder if barbers in the UK will start using similar methods? Boris Johnson says we should expect a ‘significant’ coronavirus outbreak in the coming days. Best get your hair done ASAP.


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