Elbow Bumps Are Replacing Handshakes To Fight Coronavirus Spread

Good idea.

Everyone is screwing about the Coronavirus right now as more and more countries become infected and it seems to be reaching the stage of a pandemic.

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People are already being advised to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice when washing their hands to make sure that their hands are clean enough to not catch it, but the latest advice is that handshakes should be avoided and that they should be replaced with an elbow bump as it’s way more hygienic. Science already tells us that a handshake transfers twice the amount of bacteria as a fist bump, so this does actually make way more sense just in general and regardless of Coronavirus – other than it just looks way stupider than a regular handshake of course.

The elbow bump is now being endorsed as an official way to avoid the spread of the virus though with Public Health England emeritus director Paul Cosford telling the BBC that we need to get to a point where reducing social contact becomes the norm:

At the moment, we’re in the position [that] we need to continue life as normal, but we need to be prepared for the actions that we may need to take.

That could mean replacing traditional handshakes with more radical moves like elbow bumps.

Not sure quite how radical they are there Paul, but you get the picture. More and more public figures are starting to use it with German chancellor Angela Merkel employing one as she greeted her interior minister yesterday.

Italians are also currently being urged to be less expansive by their special commissioner for Coronavirus Angelo Borrelli after it was posited that the huge spread the virus in their country may have been aided by their traditional ‘double kiss’ greeting. Doubt they’re going to be too happy about that over there, but I suppose needs must with all this Coronavirus nonsense going on. Who knows, we could even see a whole revamp of our societal norms as a result of it.

For more of the same, check out the fact that a significant outbreak is expected in this country in the next few days. Uh oh.


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