Business Is Booming For Cam Girls Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Cam girls are absolutely thriving right now.

Sometimes in these moments of panic and uncertainty, it’s good to have some stories that give us hope. 

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For example, the strip club/prostitution industries are suffering right now. But you know which industry isn’t suffering? The one where all you need is webcam and an internet connection to work from home – the cam girl business. 

Indeed, thousands of young ladies around the world are raking it in by webcamming for horny weirdos online, and who knows – they might even save the economy at this rate.

Los Angeles-based porn star/cam girl Kate Kennedy told The NY Post:

If you’re trying to sell porn, having the entire country cooped up at home with nothing to do is kind of a dream scenario.

Kennedy, 25, opened an OnlyFans account last week, where users pay $10 a month to watch her perform sex acts, fold laundry nude and brush her teeth.

She says she’s up to 100 subscribers and has made four figures in tips and fees in just one week – about what she typically made in a month pre-coronavirus.

Cam girls and content creators are doing business like crazy.

So there you have it. It’s not all doom and gloom during this unprecedented coronavirus season. Well… not if you’re a cam girl like Kate Kennedy anyway. The way coronavirus has changed our day-to-day working lives was always going to produce its own winners and losers, and it looks like we know which side of that cam girls are on – the same side as the toilet paper and hand sanitiser manufacturers.

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