These Penguins Are The Real Winners Of The Coronavirus Outbreak (VIDEO)

If you’re a penguin, you’re loving coronavirus.

If you’re a penguin, you are absolutely loving the coronavirus outbreak right now. That’s because thanks to a lack of visitors – who will not be allowed back in until next month – the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago decided to let the penguins loose and allow them to roam around the aquarium.

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Check out this little fella named Wellington having a look around – talk about happy feet:

How cute is that? Just waddling around and having the time of his life. Here’s another penguin couple on a date at the same location:

Adorable. Penguins are criminally underrated as far as cute animals go and it’s a shame that it took something as serious as Covid-19 to make us realise it. Let them loose in an aquarium and you see they’re not much different from humans – just sightseeing and happy to be there.

(Or looking for a way to escape, more likely. But still – cute visual.)

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