Corey Feldman Fears For His Life After Announcing Plans To Expose Hollywood Paedo Ring

Corey Feldman

Seems legit.

One of the only positive things about the Harvey Weinstein case is that it’s encouraged more and more victims of abuse to come forward and tell their stories, but it still seems that Corey Feldman isn’t ready to tell his.

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Feldman has long talked about sexual abuse in his youth at the hands of shadowy Hollywood executives, but has refused to name names for whatever reason. With everyone else now actively pointing the finger at people such as Kevin Spacey, you might think that it would be time for Feldman to finally confront his abusers and make them face justice.

It isn’t though, and he’s instead aiming to crowdfund $10 million in order to make a documentary about Hollywood paedophilia instead. Confused? Check out his interview earlier this morning from The Today Show with Megyn Kelly and perhaps everything will be clear:

Yeah I mean, I dunno what to say about this, it’s so weird. It seems like Corey Feldman is completely traumatised by the abuse he was subject to when he was a child actor, so why does he have to make a $10 million documentary to do this?

Can’t he just come out and say these names and do something about it rather than just keep saying this kinda stuff? Some of it does kind of make sense, but it just seems like he’s completely paranoid and erratic and weird about it right now. I hope he comes out and shuts down whoever abused him, but right now it just kinda seems like a really bizarre beg for money. Hopefully he somehow gets the peace that he needs to sort his life out and these people who abused him get named and get what is coming to them.

For more Corey Feldman, check out when he got arrested recently. At least that part is true, although I’m not sure if it was because this paedophile ring is targeting him.


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