There’s Now A Contraceptive For Men, But There’s A Catch

Male Contraceptive

Of course there’s a catch.

For years, the only effective way of obtaining contraception as a male has been getting a vasectomy, which nobody really wants to do because it requires surgery and nobody really wants to have surgery unless it’s 100% necessary. You could always pull out too, but that’s not really effective at all is it?

Now though, there might be an alternative. It’s called Valsalgel and it comes from the compound RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance) that was discovered in India in 1970 but the patent for it was bought in the US by the Parsemus Foundation in 2010. It’s currently in its testing stage.

Single Sperm cell

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Sounds great right? Wrong. The procedure will actually involve you getting an injection into your balls which might not actually end up being that painful but nevertheless sounds pretty horrific just thinking about it. A synthetic gel is injected into the testicle and this acts as a filter, preventing sperm from passing through the testicle and out of your dick into a woman’s vagina.

It sounds great in theory – and is expected to last a decade (it’s reversible by injecting sodium bicarbonate into the same spot) – it’s just  a shame about that injection. Still, it will probably be worth it if it passes the trial stage to make sure you don’t have kids when you’re shagging around, right?

Especially as we all know – like I said earlier – that the pulling out method is far from successful and this will probably only be a couple of minutes of pain as opposed to the lifetime you might end up with. A word of warning though – back in 2002 the RISUG phase III clinical trials were abandoned due to an ‘undisclosed sideffect’. Let’s hope that this isn’t repeated with Valsalgel.


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