Conspiracy Theorists Think That Steve Jobs Is Still Alive After Spotting A Doppelganger In Egypt

Fix my iPhone battery you asshole.

I don’t think that there was ever really any controversy over Steve Jobs’ death – he just died in a hospital bed of pancreatic cancer and nobody really questioned that he might have faked it or anything – but after a doppelganger popped up in Egypt, people have started to question everything.

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The following picture popped up on Reddit and is fuelling speculation that Jobs may have faked his death to go live off the grid in Egypt. Take a look at it and see what you think:

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Well, it certainly looks like Jobs doesn’t it. Conspiracy nuts have also identified a few other things about the picture which tie in with the theory that it could be him as well:

  1. The guy isn’t wearing shoes and Jobs was known to walk around bear foot a lot.
  2. Jobs’ father grew up in Syria in an Arab Muslim household – maybe this is an abstract way of honouring him?
  3. He’s wearing a wristwatch because Apple Watches have tracking technology on them and he wanted to be free of the technology he helped create.

Yeah OK I don’t really know if I’m buying any of those except maybe the first one, although I’m pretty sure it’s fairly common to walk around in Egypt without any shoes on anyway. The rest of it just doesn’t really mean anything. Sure people will continue to insist that Steve Jobs fooled us all and is alive and living in Egypt though. Some people will believe anything.

For more of the same, check out his creepy memorial statue. That really is messed up.


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