Steve Jobs Memorial Statue Is As Creepy As It Gets

Do you think Steve Jobs – one of the greatest minds of our time – would have liked this memorial statue of him unveiled earlier this week?

This brand new Steve Jobs tribute statue unveiled in Belgrade the other day is the work of Serbian sculptor Dragan Redenovic. Do you think Steve Jobs would have liked it? The current Apple management seem to love it; they say they “appreciate the imperfections of the piece over more computer-centric design entries”. Really??

It beat out around 10,000 other applications and designs, despite the fact it looks like it has the potential to come to life and lead some kind of zombie statue apocalypse. Seriously what the fuck is it supposed to be? It doesn’t even look finished. Give me the right tools and enough time and drink and maybe some other stuff and I could fashion up something better.

The model will now be sent to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, and if everyone approves, Radenovic will construct the full-size statue on the company’s campus where it will stand between 10 and 16 feet tall.

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