Conor McGregor’s 13 Second Knockout Is So Notorious It Now Has Its Own Beer

Conor McGregor Own Beer

What better way to honour your new national hero?

2015 was undoubtedly the year of Conor McGregor, as he rose from little known UFC up and comer into a truly global superstar. And what should every truly global superstar have? Their own brand of beer.

The 13 Seconds Porter – named after McGregor’s legendary knockout of Jose Aldo in the same time – is available at the MVP bar, which you can find at the foot of Harold’s Cross Bridge in Dublin. Apparently it’s pretty tasty and should take you more than 13 seconds to knock back if you want to enjoy it.

The news was confirmed by sports journalist for the Irish Daily Star Ronan O’ Flaherty, who tweeted the following on New Year’s Eve, which also kind of confirmed Conor McGregor as Ireland’s new national hero.

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Pretty dope looking tap eh? I’m not normally a fan of Porters but I reckon if I find myself in Dublin any time soon it would be pretty rude not to sample this in honour of the notorious global superstar. In any case, MVP sounds like a pretty cool bar serving loads of craft ales and cocktails so even if it was rank I could just stick around there and try something else, no worries.

There isn’t any news on whether McGregor has officially endorsed the beer yet – which probably means he hasn’t – but he’ll be missing out on a trick and a whole bunch of money if he doesn’t get involved with that soon. It really would be stupid not to.

In the meantime, check out this documentary charting his rise to the top.


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