Conor McGregor Finally Speaks Out About Mayweather; Claims Floyd ‘Needs’ Him

Conor McGregor

Handbags out.

The rumours of the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather billion dollar fight continue to circulate and Conor McGregor himself has added some more fuel to the fire in this revealing interview with Sports Centre that was conducted over the weekend.

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In the far reaching interview, McGregor discuses the possibility of a fight with Mayweather as well as the much publicised UFC 200 fiasco and where his relationship with Dana White is now. The key part regarding the Mayweather fight revolves around Conor stating that Mayweather ‘needs’ him to make the fight as he’s the last person left on the planet that would be a draw for the public to watch him fight.

Unfortunately though, Conor wasn’t happy with the fact that in the original rumour he was only making $7million from the fight whilst Floyd was making $100million. Other than that, he seems perfectly open to the idea of stepping into a boxing ring with him which is big news in itself. Could this actually happen?

Well there you have it, it certainly sounds like it’s something McGregor is interested in and wants to do, he just needs to make more money from it. Surely it can’t be that hard for them to figure that out?

Also, note the weird location that the interview took place in. Why the hell are those two guys meeting up in some kind of weird warehouse with no furniture in it? Hard hitting.

Another thing about this fight too – Conor McGregor probably really needs to work on his boxing skills if it’s going to happen because this video of him boxing makes him look like a pussy.


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