Footage Has Leaked Of Conor McGregor Sparring A World Championship Boxer

Conor McGregor Open Workout

Maybe that Floyd Mayweather fight isn’t such a good idea.

Ever since the rumours of the billion dollar Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight emerged, fans have been debating if it will even happen, and if it does if Conor McGregor even has a shot against the undefeated former world champion.

Whilst a lot of people would probably like to see McGregor take Mayweather down a notch or two, the fact of the matter is that he’s hopelessly outmatched against MAyweather and this footage of him sparring with former ABU, IBF and IBO champion Chris Van Heerden isn’t about to change that outlook either. McGregor has been training at the Box n Burn gym in Santa Monica, California – run by former amateur boxing European champion Tony Jeffries – to work on his boxing skills, and decided to have a session with Van Heerden.

Here’s how it looked:

Hmm, that really isn’t that promising is it and that commentary really didn’t hold anything back did it?  I mean McGregor gets a few hits in but he also walks into a hell of a lot, and as we saw in the Nate Diaz fight if he gets slammed in the face then he’s probably going to go down pretty hard. And we all know Floyd has got a big punch in him – like many predicted (including the commentator), it seems like it’s a knockout waiting to happen.

Despite that, both Jeffries and Van Heerden were pretty complimentary about McGregor’s skills, so maybe that wasn’t actually him or they know something we don’t?

Either way, it seems like this fight is probably going to happen given Floyd Mayweather’s latest comments.


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