Conor McGregor Mocks Khabib’s Dead Father In Deleted Tweet

This is low.

Conor McGregor really has lost the plot over the last few weeks before and after his fight with Dustin Poirier where he got roundly battered, coming out with some of the lamest and most pathetic trash talk of his or anyone else’s career.

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He was at it again yesterday morning when he posted a tweet appearing to mock the death of his arch rival Khabib’s father from Coronavirus. Khabib had tweeted the following following Poirier’s victory over McGregor last month and so it seems fairly likely that Conor’s tweet was in relation to that:

Yeah I don’t really think that’s on and the fact that he deleted it probably tells you that he regretted it as well. It’s all very well dissing people in the run up to your fight – it’s part and parcel of the game – but I don’t really think you can come at people’s wives or their dead parents because that’s another level of disrespect and that’s what Conor seems to be all about these days. Can’t really see him ever fighting again but I’m sure he’ll give it a shot.

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