Conor McGregor Makes Lewd Comment About Dustin Poirier’s Wife After Proving DM Request Was Real

This is getting weird now.

I commented earlier this week about how I had almost forgotten that Conor McGregor was fighting this weekend as there hasn’t been that much hype about it over the last couple of weeks, but McGregor has really ramped stuff up in the last few days by claiming that Poirier’s wife is attempting to DM him on Instagram.

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Dustin had initially said that he didn’t believe that it was true, but Conor then decided to make a video where he ‘proves’ that it’s 100% real. He then made a pretty disparaging comment about her as well on Twitter that’s probably only going to fuel the fire even further before the two meet in the Octagon on Saturday night:

This is kind of a weird energy from McGregor isn’t it? Normally I’m pretty impressed with his trash talk but this is sorta like the kind of macho bullshit that you would see in high school or something. It’s just not really on to bring someone’s wife into it, even if she is asking for it by sliding into Conor’s DMs.

It’s worth noting that McGregor could probably have faked that video showing that the DM request is real too – which is quite a dumb way to try and get in Dustin Poirier’s head in any case – but if he didn’t and it is actually real then it’s even more of a strange flex that Conor has chosen to make it public. Especially when he’s then trying to say that it’s not trash talk and it’s fucked up. What is going on here hey?

Kinda seems like he hasn’t read the message as well and it could well say something like ‘you’re a loser my husband is gonna beat your ass again on Saturday’. Whole situation has definitely made the fight way more intriguing though, that’s for sure. Kinda feeling like Dustin is gonna beat his ass after all this though.

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