The First Trailer For McGregor Vs Mayweather Will Get You Seriously Hyped

Mcgregor Mayweather

This makes it look like Conor McGregor stands a chance.

Many people are saying it will be the worst fight in boxing history, but even they have to admit that the build-up to the actual McGregor/Mayweather showdown continues to be immense before it’s even really started.

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Here’s the first official promotional video which dropped the other night:

Well they’ve done a stellar job in making it seem like it will be a fair fight. You watch that and can almost believe that Conor McGregor stands a chance against one of the greatest boxers of all time. Who knows though, one well-placed lick from McGregor and we could have a major upset on our hands.

They also announced that the much-anticipated press conferences will kick off July 11th and take place in Los Angeles, Toronto, Brooklyn and London. You just know that’s going to be must-watch content and you can bet we’ll have the highlights for you.

To watch Conor McGregor put in a pretty unconvincing performance against his boxing coach, click HERE.


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