The Guy Who Got His Phone Smashed By Conor McGregor Tells His Story And It’s Hilarious


The dude whose phone was smashed and stolen by Conor McGregor on Sunday has ripped into the Irishman in a new interview calling him a ‘dangerous thug’ and says he was scared for his life.

Ahmed Abdirzak, 22, who is from the UK, was trying to video McGregor outside Miami nightclub ‘LIV’ when the MMA legend freaked out on him and punched the phone out of his hand, picked it up and smashed it again, then stomped on it repeatedly.

This is Ahmed:

McGregor then picked up the smashed phone, put it in his pocket and bopped back to his SUV with his signature McGregor/Vince McMahon walk.

Ahmed says:

He walked away with that trademark McGregor strut that you see him enter the ring with in UFC.

I’m not going to lie, I was scared for my life – the guy is a lethal weapon.

On the buildup to the incident:

Everyone told me that LIV is the place to be. The place is really high-end, the music was insane.

We saw loads of celebrities. The big US rapper Blueface was performing live. We had a fantastic evening. There was no trouble inside.

There was a lot of A-list celebrities there. Conor was probably the lowest there, nobody was showing him any love.

The only reason I was looking at him was because I was from the United kingdom and he’s big there.

Not sure I believe that people were showing more love to Blueface (who?) than Conor McGregor, but anyway…

He carries on:

My friend spotted him on the way out and shouted to him ‘McGregor, McGregor, we’ve come all the way from London’.

He turned to him and gave him a salute. I said ‘Man dem McGregor’ [a London street expression of friendship and appreciation] and he repeated it word for word, mocking me.

It seemed good-natured at that point though, he seemed friendly. I wasn’t insulting him or antagonising him at all.

I don’t drink, I’ve never touched alcohol in my life. I’ve never done drugs. I was completely sober.

Wait, you’re at a Miami nightclub at 5am and you don’t drink or do drugs? Weird flex but OK.

He then describes what happened when McGregor saw him recording him with his phone:

He reached out his left hand to greet me, to shake my hand. But then he held my arm so I couldn’t get away.

His grip was insane. I could tell he was a professional athlete. I thought he’s going to hit me. I was shocked.

I looked into his face and his eyes were bulging. He was so angry. I don’t know whether he was drunk or on drugs, but he looked fucked.

I just remained passive, I didn’t want to fight. Then with his right hand he punched the phone. It was so hard I felt the impact through my entire body.

He says he watched the phone shatter and then McGregor picked it up and smashed it again:

He stamped on it four times. He then picked it up and put it in his jeans. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

He did his swagger dance and headed to his black SUV with his entourage surrounding him.

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Well I sympathise with Ahmed having his phone smashed and all that but boy does Conor McGregor sound like a total badass here. He punched the guy’s phone so hard that he ‘felt the impact through his entire body’. Then he did the Vince McMahon walk back to his SUV and rode off into the night with his crew. I mean it’s just totally on-brand behaviour for the guy. 

Would be even cooler if he sorted the guy out with a new phone or something, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if I were Ahmed. 

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