Conmen Are Posing As NHS Workers To Steal Money Off The Elderly In Their Own Homes


I’ve mentioned how the Coronavirus is being seen as a bunch of bastards out there as a way to make a hell of a lot money a couple of times in these pages over the course of the last few days, but I didn’t think that I would be writing about conmen preying on the elderly in this time of crisis.

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Sadly, it seems like this is exactly what is going on in the town of Southend-On-Sea though, as several reports have come through of conmen posing as NHS workers and visiting the elderly, offering to go on a food/supply run for them in exchange for their cash or card details. Needless to say, they take this money and never return.

Here’s what Daniel Cowan, councillor for St Laurence Ward said to The Essex Echo:

This is a scam to get money and/or card details from vulnerable people, often the elderly.

Please let your friends and relatives know that the NHS does not go door-to-door offering advice and only to accept offers of help with shopping from KNOWN neighbours, friends and relatives.

Do not give your card details or cash to anyone who knocks on your door unsolicited.

I am utterly disgusted that people would use a public health crisis to target people in this way and hope that the police catch them swiftly and they are brought to justice.

I have reached out to the cabinet, community safety team and Chief Inspector to ensure there is a coordinated approach to tackling these scumbags.

Take care out there and keep an eye out for your vulnerable neighbours.

I mean what he said. This is probably going to start happening in other areas of the UK in the coming weeks as thing seem to get worse and worse, so keep a look out and make sure anyone you know who is vulnerable knows that NHS workers aren’t out there providing this service for people and it’s just people trying to take advantage of other people’s misfortunes.

The world sucks – it’s hard to believe we’re all supposed to be coming together to fight this pandemic and people are out there acting like this. Depressing.

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