The ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Is The Dumbest Thing Happening On TikTok Right Now

It was only a matter of time.

It was only a matter of time before some idiot on TikTok came up with a new ‘challenge’ based around the coronavirus, and sure enough a 22-year-old girl named Ava Louise has got the ball rolling.

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What does the coronavirus challenge involve? Um… licking objects that could infect you with the virus and hoping you get away with it. As demonstrated by Ava herself:

What an idiot. The best part is how she pulls her hair back before going in to lick the toilet seat – wouldn’t want to muck your hair up while sliding your tongue across a toilet seat would you?

If you recognise Ava Louise, that’s because she was on Dr. Phil a while back where she said she would rather die than be ugly:

Just a delightful girl all around.

To be fair to her though, it’s not like coronavirus is a butt-born disease but it’s obviously still completely gross to be licking a toilet seat. Which is why I think this attention-seeker just easily wiped down and disinfected the toilet seat before licking it. If she didn’t even bother doing that then she’s even dumber than I thought. Not bad looking though, will give her that…

For the leaked Public Health England document obtained by The Guardian which says coronavirus will be around until Spring 2021, click HERE.


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