Someone Has Compared Manchester United And The Undertaker’s Careers And It’s Actually Pretty Accurate

Who would have thought?

If you’re from the UK and were a kid at the turn of the 00s, then there’s no denying that two of the biggest icons of popular culture were definitely Manchester United and The Undertaker, but I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to consider just how parallel their careers seemed to run. I mean why would I?

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Thankfully though, someone on Twitter has seen fit to compare their two careers and it’s actually scarily accurate. Take a gander and see what you think:

Lol love that last comment – so much shade thrown at Manchester United but you can’t say that they don’t deserve it. Same can probably be said of The Undertaker as he hobbled through the last few years of his career, but at least he went out on a high after this year’s weird Boneyard Match against A.J. Styles. Crazy how similarly their relative careers panned out though hey?

RIP to the deadman. And Manchester United as well lol.

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