This Company Is Seeking Paid Interns To Travel The World And Drink Beer For Four Months

Drinking Beers

Where do I sign up?

What I’m sure would be described as a dream job by many people reading this has been announced by Tampa based restaurant World Of Beer – they’re going to pay you $12,000 to tour the world drinking beer for four months. And even better than that it’s only an internship, so if you hated it (fat chance) then you wouldn’t even be obligated to keep working for them afterwards. Literally a no lose situation.

The internship has come about because World Of Beer is looking to expand its range of beers and so need three people to travel around the world visiting breweries and beer festivals to sample craft brews and the food that comes with them. There is a catch as you’re then expected to write about them in reports for their website, but with travel, lodging and food expenses all included in the deal, it really isn’t that much to ask for.

In any case, I’m sure most people will be going into work hungover for most of their lives, so this is the perfect way to get ready for that as you probably only have to write a few hundred words every couple of days and spend the rest of your time getting pissed. Easy.

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Looks like pretty much the perfect job eh? You’ve got to be over 21 to apply and can do so at any World Of Beer location or online. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be a resident of the United States to enter either (at least I couldn’t find any Ts + Cs on the website that might suggest that) so what are you waiting for? This would be seriously awesome to get involved in.

Let’s just hope they don’t make you try that beer injected with stag semen hey?


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