You Can Now Get Beer Injected With Stag Semen From A Bar In New Zealand

Beer Stag Semen

We are now approaching peak craft beer.

Craft beers and ciders are pretty awesome because there’s a lot of flavours out there and with every Tom, Dick and Harry brewing their own beers these days there’s a multitude of tasty pints out there for you to discover.

However, The Green Man pub in New Zealand might have taken it too far, because for some reason they think it’s a good idea to inject stag semen into their latest craft beer. Yeah, stag semen.

Why? That isn’t really clear. I was hoping that it had some magical properties like making you more virile or stopping you from ageing, but nobody has mentioned anything like that at all in anything I’ve read about it. Apparently it just tastes good?!? The beer apparently has a creamy texture – from the lactose, not the semen – and ‘chocolate like’ characteristics, whatever that means.

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Stag Semen Beer

If you were worried about your stag semen coming from an underdeveloped source then don’t be – it’s all derived from a ‘grade A donor stag’ named Lagoon (get it?) and it’s apparently ‘export’ quality and he has a ‘considerable reservoir’ of the stuff Phew, I was really worried that they might run out of the stuff before I headed over there to sample a pint. Thank God there’s no chance of them running out.

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time that The Green Man has experimented with stag semen. In 2012 it offered shot sized test-tubes of stag semen. Apparently it was popular with the ladies.

To be honest it just sounds like a completely weird bar to me. If I ever find myself in Wellington I’ll probably be steering well clear. I mean Fear Factor got cancelled for making its contestants drink donkey semen, why would anyone want to do it voluntarily?

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