Dogs From All Over America Are Flying To Orlando To Comfort Survivors (VIDEO)

Dogs to the rescue yet again.

As the world continues to grieve for the people killed in Orlando on the weekend, a whole bunch of dogs have been doing their bit to help bring some comfort into the lives of the victims, families and community affected by the deadliest shooting in US history.

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Following the attack, which claimed 49 victims and left 53 people wounded, 12 dogs and their handlers were flown in to Florida from around America. These ‘comfort dogs’ as they’re known are specially trained to help people cope in times of crisis. How awesome is that?

Meet the crew – they’ve all got their own Facebook pages where they speak (type) in first person:







Who even knew that comfort dogs existed? I didn’t, but I sure am glad they do. Obviously no one ever wants a situation like what happened in Orlando but it’s good to know that comfort dogs exist for when they do. Sure we can rely on humans to give their time, effort, money and even blood to help in the face of tragedy but when it comes to dogs, they instinctively know what to do when they see a human in distress. They just roll up to you wagging their tails and lick and hug the shit out of you and boom – you instantly feel a little bit better. Dogs to the rescue yet again.

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