Comedian Completely Shuts Down Mum Heckler Who Gives Him Abuse Over A Parenting Joke

This guy just put on an absolute CLINIC on how to handle a heckler.

A while back I got baked and spent pretty much an entire evening looking up videos of comedians shutting down hecklers — couldn’t get enough of it.

Well, this video right here is basically the gold standard for shutting down a heckler.

Watch as stand-up Steve Hofstetter deals with a heckling mum who objects to his parenting jokes in the best way possible:

Wonderful, just wonderful. Obviously this lady didn’t have a problem with any joke Steve told until it was about something she related to herself. Still you’ve got to be smart enough to know that you never, under any circumstances, heckle a comedian at his own show. You’re going to lose every time not only because you’re up against a professional joke-teller but also because everyone in the room wants you to lose. You don’t stand a chance.

This guy thought he did, and ended up getting Sparta Kicked into oblivion.


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