Check Out These Colourised Photographs Of Japan From The 1800s

Colourised Pictures Japan

Showing a side of society I don’t think we’ll ever see again in a way we’ve never experienced.

It’s always a bit of a trip seeing colorised photographs of a time when you know for a fact that colorised photographs weren’t the norm and you suspect that they didn’t actually exist, but more and more of them keep cropping up all over the internet these days.

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This latest batch is from 1890s Japan and it really does blow your mind seeing images such as this in colour. They’re taken by photographer Tamotsu Enami., who coloured the stereoscopic images by hand with water colour paints for these incredible images which show a side of society that I don’t think we’ll ever see again in a way we’ve never experienced:

Breathtaking stuff. Those colorised photos never cease to amaze me, especially in a culture as alien to me as Japan.

Long may we continue to find stuff like this on the internet and if this wasn’t enough for you then check out this colourised trip around London in the 1920s. Magical.


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