Colombians Celebrated The New Year By Burning Steve Harvey Effigies After His Miss Universe Screw Up

Steve Harvey must be absolutely bricking it.

Looks like Colombia still hasn’t gotten over the Miss Universe screw-up that saw Steve Harvey announce the wrong winner, humiliating Miss Colombia in the process as she was made to take her crown off and hand it over to the real winner – Miss Philippines.

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The Family Feud host is now being burnt in effigy by people in the streets of Colombia. According to Rappler, it’s a tradition that they incorporated Harvey into especially for 2016:

The burning of effigies, called año viejo (old year), is a New Year’s Eve tradition in Latin American countries, where it is believed that the act wards off bad luck in the coming year. The effigies are burned at the stroke of midnight too.

Watch below:

Man, how much is Steve Harvey shitting himself after seeing that? It’s one thing knowing the whole of Colombia hates you, it’s quite another seeing them actually take the time to turn you into a massive doll and set you on fire to bring in the new year. The guy just needs to go into hiding and stay there for the rest of his life, and avoid watching things like ‘Narcos’ unless he wants to have anxiety attacks for the rest of his life.

This photo remains a classic though:


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P.S. Remember when Japan’s miss Universe was getting cyber-bullied because she didn’t “look Japanese enough”? That was mean.


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