The Colombian Government Is Encouraging People To Masturbate Whilst On Lockdown

Good advice.

We’ve all got our own separate routines and devices for getting through this unprecedented lockdown and I’m sure for the vast majority of us that masturbation is included in this list, but for some reason the Colombian government has decided to come out and recommend it to their citizens. Do they really need the encouragement?

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The government took the unusual step of releasing the following sexual guidelines, which said the following:

Auto-erotism is an option.

There are ways of having sex pleasure that do not involve direct contact with other people.

If you use sex toys, be sure to wash them with soap and water.

We know that other coronaviruses are not transmitted efficiently through sex.

Remember that Covid is transmitted through intimate contact with another person and that saliva can transmit it.

Avoid practices that carry such risk.

Make a decision that promotes individual and partner health and wellness.

Abstinence can be a valid alternative while the crisis lasts.

The safest partner is the partner with whom you live.

Having close contact – including sex – with the smallest number of people helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Always have consensual relationships.

Close contact, including sex, with anyone outside your home should be avoided.

If you have sex with other people, minimise the number of partners.

If you generally meet your sexual partners online or make a living from sex, consider putting off dating in person.

Virtual dating may be an option.

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I mean normally I would criticise this for stating the obvious and being really stupid, but given how a whole load of people have reacted to the Coronavirus crisis by not following government regulations and guidelines and brazenly flouting them, it seems like maybe they DO need to release documentation explaining the importance of masturbation and not having multiple sexual partners at this point in time. That’s the state of the world in 2020.

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