The World’s Strongest Coffee Is Now Available To Buy

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Sleeping is cheating.

Someone has invented the world’s strongest coffee and it is now available to buy.

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It’s called ‘Black Insomnia’ and just one cup of this turbo coffee contains twice your recommended daily limit of caffeine, with 58.5mg per fluid ounce.

Black Insomnia

To put this into context, a regular Starbucks coffee has around 21.25mg per fluid ounce. That’s going to bring on some serious heart palpitations.

It’s so strong that customer information website Caffeine Informer has put this product in first place as the ‘Most Dangerous Caffeinated Products’. Basically it’s the strongest you’re going to get.


The drink was invented by Sean Kristafor. The website states:

It was time to offer something a little different – something stronger and darker, with an edge. It was time to create The World’s Strongest Coffee without a burnt and high acidic flavour.

With our first attempt at making the World’s Strongest Coffee, we completely overshot the mark set by the world’s now second strongest coffee. Eventually, we brought the strength down to a safer level and settle on 702 mg per 12 fl oz cup. This way we ensure that we created The World’s Strongest Coffee and still have a nice walnut and almost sweet taste profile.

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Although it’s considered safe to drink, it is advised that the coffee should be consumed “with caution”. So anyone thinking of replacing your morning cuppa with one of these badboys, just make sure you don’t have any underlying heart problems beforehand – or you might end up like these students. You can buy Black Insomnia HERE.


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