Coca Cola’s New Bottle Allows You To Take Selfies Whilst Drinking


Just what I always wanted.

Have you ever wished that there was a device that made it easier to take a selfie whilst you were drinking Coca Cola? Well, it’s your lucky day.

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That’s right, Coca Cola have indeed developed a bottle of your favourite drink with its own built in selfie taker. To make it even better, you can instantly share the photographs of yourself drinking Coke that you’ve taken to Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook via the device. The camera even has motion sensors on it to ensure that it gets the best shot of you guzzling down your Coke. Incredible idea.

Here’s what Coca Cola Israel – who are pioneering the new device and the only place where it’s currently available – had to say about it:

Users tag themselves and their friends in photos on Coca-Cola’s social media assets.

It really does the trick and makes the partygoers more present and active during the event, knowing they can share their special moments just by drinking.


Whilst it’s true that users may tag themselves on social media, what the hell kind of party are they going to where people are drinking Coca Cola? Literally who would want to go to one of those and  make sure that all their friends knew about it? Anyone? Even like a ten year old probably wouldn’t find that very impressive.

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On the flipside of this, maybe thanks to this new bottle for once you can actually get off your damn phone and enjoy that Coca Cola you’re drinking, knowing full well that all the important shots are being documented right there and then for you on the end of your Coke bottle. What an innovation.

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