CM Punk’s Post Match Interview After His Devastating Loss Was Inspirational


Absolute class.

CM Punk made his UFC debut against Mickey Gall on Saturday night, and as most people predicted he got the absolute shit kicked out of him and tapped out after about two minutes. I don’t think he even managed to land a punch of Gall and it was pretty embarrassing from him all things considered.

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However, CM Punk won a lot of fans and respect with his post match fight interview, where he revealed that he was just stoked to even be there and that he’ll continue to try and get better at UFC because it’s his dream and he’s not willing to give up on that just yet:

Real class from CM Punk, especially considering he must be absolutely devastated after training for two years for that fight and then getting absolutely annihilated inside a couple of minutes. That’s gotta hurt.

Punk should probably retire or drop down to the amateurs or something because he’s no way ready to compete at this level by the looks of things. Just goes to show how the people that compete in UFC are all absolutely killers and that nobody can really come in and hope to have a prayer against them. They just end up looking stupid like CM Punk.

If you want to watch a documentary about CM Punk’s journey to the Octagon – which seems even stupider now – then click here. Guy tried really hard but it wasn’t anywhere near enough huh?


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