The New CM Punk Documentary Tracing His Journey Into The Octagon Looks Absolutely Epic


The evolution of punk.

It’s been a long time coming, but CM Punk/Phil Brooks is finally set to make his debut in the octagon at UFC 203 against 24 year old Mickey Gal.

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As the world holds its breath to see if CM Punk really is the best in the world, Fox have been recording his every move in the run up to his UFC debut and have decided to release the footage of the feature length documentary in a new series, which will show an episode every week in the run up to his big fight. It looks absolutely epic:

Yeah, it looks like one hell of a  journey for him. The thing is, he had better win his first fight against Mickey Gal (who seems to know what he’s doing – he’s choked out his last two opponents in less than two minutes), otherwise he’s just going to look like a massive pussy and more importantly a massive failure, especially after cutting this big budget documentary about his journey too.

I’m rooting for you Punk because there’s clearly a lot on the line. Check him out having a meltdown on an interviewer here.


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