CM Punk Responds To Man Mocked Online For Crying During His Return To Wrestling

It was an emotional moment.

Every now and again a moment occurs in wrestling that transcends sports entertainment – and more and more this is happening in AEW and not WWE – and the latest of these went down last Friday night when CM Punk returned to the squared circle in his hometown of Chicago on AEW Rampage.

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CM Punk walked out on the business seven years ago after complaining about his bad treatment from the hands of the WWE and Vince McMahon, but even though he failed in his UFC career he’s still absolutely adored by many wrestling fans and none more so than in Chicago. Tickets for the show sold out in 4 minutes and AEW cleared $200,000 worth of merch on Friday night, but the most iconic part of the show was definitely the cameras cutting to some guy in literal tears at witnessing the return of his hero in the flesh.

Get a load of this:

Most people who understand wrestling – or even sports entertainment or whatever you want to call it – recognised that this was a moment of great happiness for the guy and respected it as such, but obviously he came into a bit of flak for being so invested in CM Punk’s return on Twitter because you know, the internet:

Anyway, it looks like the dude is gonna head out on top because not only did CM Punk give him a shout out, but Tommy Dreamer also tweeted about him and looks set to offer him an all expenses paid trip to IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory and also sort out a meet and greet with the CM Punk himself and AEW owner Tony Khan. How do you like them apples?

I’m a Chicago sports guy.

I cried when the Cubs won the World Series, I cried when the Blackhawks won the (Stanley) Cup, the times I was alive when they won the Cup, not back in the 60s.

It means a lot and it means a lot because I’m so attached to Chicago and sports, especially. I understand.

Anyone making fun of that dude, you’re making fun of me too.

There is nothing wrong with being emotional at sporting events or anything you like.

I’ll cry at a Marvel movie.

Sometimes wrestling really is great isn’t it? Need more people crying in the crowd and more comments like this.

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