CM Punk Exposes The WWE And Finally Explains Why He Quit

The WWE sounds like a horrible place to work.

Nearly a year ago now, CM Punk walked out on the WWE despite being one of its more prolific performers. Everyone assumed he’d be back, but in July, we were still wondering what the hell was going on after all his information was removed from the WWE roster.

Well we don’t have to wonder anymore, because CM Punk and Colt Cabana just recorded a podcast where Punk highlights all the politics going on within the company that forced his departure.

You can listen to the whole thing below, but we’ve written out some of the highlights. He definitely doesn’t show his former employers in a good light and this will no doubt put a lot of people off becoming pro wrestlers/working for Vince McMahon in the future.

  •  He had a huge staph infection on his back which the WWE doctors wouldn’t treat because they thought it was just a cyst. Eventually he went to his own doctor and had it removed.
  •  He was brought back to wrestle early from injuries, and didn’t feel appreciated for it. He was also made to wrestle with concussions, a knee injury and messed up ribs.
  •  Despite being the most popular face in the company, he was forced to turn heel (bad guy) because The Rock was returning for a short period. This hurt his merchandise sales.
  •  He disagreed with being made to lose to The Rock and Brock Lesnar because they were only back for part time deals and he had to work every day.
  •  Vince McMahon thinks UFC is “barbaric” and is also appalled at the idea that women fight in UFC.
  •  They didn’t allow him to get sponsorship on his wrestling gear even though they allowed Brock Lesnar to.
  •  The WWE environment is “creatively toxic”.
  •  Vince McMahon would turn down his ideas, but then use them anyway and act like it was his idea.
  •  Ryback broke his ribs with a powerful kick and also injured his shoulder by dropping him awkwardly.
  •  He didn’t get an adequate payout at Wrestlemania 29 compared to other wrestlers with similar standing on the card, despite being told he stole the show.
  •  He wasn’t given the main event at Wrestlemania 29, and resented being told afterwards that he was right and they should have put him in the main event.
  •  The other wrestlers don’t stand up for themselves, except for John Cena and Randy Orton.
  •  He can’t stand Triple H and how he operates. He believes Triple H hates him.
  •  He was annoyed that they weren’t putting Daniel Bryan in the main event for Wrestlemania (they eventually changed this after the fans practically threatened a full scale riot).
  •  He was insulted at being asked to take a piss test when others aren’t required to.
  •  He was (officially) given his release via fax on his wedding day and thinks this was done on purpose.
  •  He’s never coming back.

Listen below from 08:55:


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