CM Punk Absolutely Destroyed A Twitter Troll Who Accused Him Of Abandoning The WWE

CM Punk

This is how you completely shut someone down.

CM Punk’s feud with the WWE since his acrimonious departure at the start of last year has been well documented, but there are still people out there who delight in giving him shit about it via the internet.

Yeah, they’re called internet trolls and occasionally Punk actually takes the time to reply to them and usually completely and utterly dominates them. This incident last night was no exception.

CM Punk is a big Chicago Cubs fan and he’s been pretty vocal about supporting them on Twitter in their playoff series with the New York Mets. Unfortunately for Punk, it hasn’t been going so well for them though and they lost last night, which makes them 2 – o down in the series.

That was when the Twitter account Daily Stache – dedicated to all things Mets – decided to get involved, sending the following tweet:

To which CM Punk decided to reply with the following:

Oof. Absolutely annihilated him there didn’t he? Imagine getting completely rinsed by someone on Twitter, that must be pretty embarrassing for the dude, although nobody knows what this person’s true identity actually is so it might not actually be that bad for him. But still, he definitely looked pretty stupid here and probably felt like a loser for the rest of the night.

Probably not as good as when Tom Hardy shut down this reporter who asked him about his sexuality here though.


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